About the Company

For a Better World

At SPL a.s., we focus on renewable energy sources for a better future. Our mission lies in developing, operating, and advancing projects in solar energy, hydropower, and second-generation biofuels to support sustainability and protect the environment.

We focus on creating energy for our SAFICHEM GROUP's businesses and supporting innovation in energy to use natural resources more sustainably.

Responsibility to Nature, Commitment to Innovation.

Our History

We are committed to energy development with regard to nature and efficiency.

Installed Capacity of Renewable Resources

Capacity enhances the energy self-sufficiency of the SAFICHEM GROUP's needs.

Coal saved every hour

CO₂ saved every day

Each MWh of "green" energy produced reduces CO₂ emissions by 0.9 tons and saves one ton of coal

SPL thus contributes to environmental protection and the transition to clean energy.

Equivalent to trees planted since 2010

A tree absorbs about 4 tons of CO₂ in its lifetime. This number represents our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment.

These calculations are simplified and do not take into account the variability of energy production, the efficiency of PV plants, maintenance, cloud cover, or other factors that may affect actual performance and efficiency.


Responsibility to Nature, Commitment to Innovation

  • SAFICHEM GROUP is a leading industrial group focused on specific areas of high value-added business areas, including complex engineering, pharmaceutical manufacturing, renewable resources, and asset management.
  • SAFICHEM GROUP AG's asset management is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The group's companies operate internationally and directly employ a total of 660 highly qualified workers.
  • Research and development of efficient new technologies and products form an integral part of the group. Each area of the business gives full priority to addressing environmental safety and ESG in all its complexity.
  • While the group's business areas are interconnected, they also cover a diverse set of sectors. This diversification leads to a strong financial platform that enhances the group's sustainability and supports future development.
Our Future

Path to SAFICHEM GROUP Self-Sufficiency

  • SPL aims to acquire a sufficient portfolio of renewable energy sources to cover the consumption of other companies belonging to the SAFICHEM GROUP. By 2026, SPL intends to develop projects with a total installed capacity of 100,000 kW.
  • We aim to build the vast majority of these projects in Central Europe and the Balkans. For greater efficiency, we would like to build a battery storage system with a capacity of at least 50% of the installed capacity for each project exceeding an installed capacity of 1,000 kW. With batteries, we aim to efficiently manage the distribution of electricity for the energy-intensive operations of the entire SAFICHEM GROUP.
  • More on the SAFICHEM GROUP website
Our Projects

Selected Projects

Solar System

We have built, own, and operate photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 11 MW.

Hydroelectric Power Plants

We have built, own, and operate hydroelectric power plants.

Second-Generation Biofuels

We own a production facility in Ústí nad Labem for the production of UCOME fuel.