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Hydroelectric power plants

Hydroelectric power plants

The complete delivery and operation of own small hydropower plants are among other activities of SPL. Small hydropower plants (SHPP) use energy potential of watercourses. SHPPs are one of the most environmentally friendly, effective and non-polluting sources of prime energy - they use renewable energy source, save the environment, and produce environmentally friendly electricity with a minimum amount of waste.

SPL closely collaborates with its sister company AQUATIS a.s. on the process of preparation and realization of its projects.  AQUATIS is a consulting and engineering company active in the field of water management and environmental protection (www.aquatis.cz). AQUATIS participates in the projects by providing its technical assistance and expertise.

Main activities

  • Design and construction of own small hydropower plants (SHPP)
  • Power generation in own hydropower plants
  • Operating and maintenance of the SHPP


Projects in progress

  • Design and construction of the 1 930 kW SHPP ŽUTA STENA in Serbia,
    to be completed in 2023
  • Design and construction of 2 800 kW SHPP PISKANJA in Serbia,
    to be completed in 2024


Ing. Jovan Milenkovič
Construction manager
Prague location, Czech Republic
phone: +420 723 275 707

Ing. Milorad Krstič
Business and development director for Balkan region
Beograd location, Serbia
phone: +420 731 670 724