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Solar systems

Solar systems

We have built and own and operate photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 10 MW. We focus on further development of own additional photovoltaic power plants to be installed on the roofs of buildings or a vacant land.   We direct our attention to further advancement of know-how in the area of solar renewable resources. These efforts are primarily aimed at reaching the most efficient operating parameters of managed photovoltaic power plants.

In order to build and operate own new photovoltaic power plants, we are looking for suitable lands and building roofs with a total usable area of at least 500 sqm to be purchased or leased. The installed power plants remain in our ownership.  In case of rent the landlord/lessor receives a payment for the leased area either in the form of monthly rent or by supplying electricity at a discount.

If you have a suitable land or roof for rent or sell, please send us an email to: libor.krapka@splenergy.cz or use our inquiry form and we will contact you.

Main activities in the area of photovoltaic power plants (PPP):

  • Acquisition of areas for construction of new PPP (roofs 500+ sqm)
  • Design and construction of own photovoltaic power plants
  • Power generation in own photovoltaic power plants
  • Research and Development


Photovoltaic power plants references

  • Photovoltaic power plant Letkov I and Letkov II, Czech Republic
    • Installed capacity: 2 x 5 MW

  • Photovoltaic power plant Brno Řečkovice, Czech Republic
    • Installed capacity: 29 kW

  • Photovoltaic power plant Prague 10, Czech Republic
    • Installed capacity: 29 kW

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